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Armenia is ancient; home of Noah, the first grapevines, and in more recent history, tragedy. A place that has defied the odds to exist with dignity regardless of border changes, political governance, and even forced removal and genocide.

The 2020 cease-fire and concession of areas within Artsakh was not only the loss of land nor valley or town, but also a controversial “backstab” between the government of Armenia and its people, showcasing how a small nation of three million would do just about anything to survive. …

Is the alarm bell ringing?

Mural from G Siega. Photo via Siviaggia

I wonder, as I sit here and type, what my grandmother’s grandmother would think of the current state of the world and what her response would be for the upcoming election. Undoubtedly she would have her biases as we all do, but I imagine her looking into my eyes and probably those of all her descendants, decreeing a concise and powerful statement about what could come next if we didn’t properly vote. I imagine her worriedly describing the dangers of nationalism and how poorly those become when illtreated within its system. Politics like this become…

How the fog provided me more clarity.

Photo by Ian Simmonds on Unsplash

Blocks of perfectly planned squares house all of us in the Western districts of the internationally-famed 7x7 city. On the quiet nights, especially those during the quarantine, you could walk aimlessly and see the sky turn from an opaque bluish grey to a milky and sleepy charcoal that made the homes at dusk particularly extra gothic looking. …

John Vincent

Avid city boulevardier. Marketer. Winemaker.

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