Politics, Poverty, and Plagues: Why we must learn from the town that beheaded their mayor in 1911

Mural from G Siega. Photo via Siviaggia

This “redemption” would also include bringing civilization to places like Verbicaro, which they labeled their “Very Own Africa” and even coined the term “Verbicarism” after the revolt of 1911.

It’s significance; of “primitiveness of instincts and culture”.

Children play in Verbicaro in 1930. Photo by Gerhard Rohlfs

So why is that important and even relevant to today’s world?

The home my grandmother grew up in. Photo by John Vincent




Avid city boulevardier. Marketer. Winemaker.

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John Vincent

John Vincent

Avid city boulevardier. Marketer. Winemaker.

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